Traderess Foundation Programme & Four Stage Course Terms & Conditions


By accessing this website, you acknowledge that any information, videos, or training materials displayed on this website are solely based on the professional experience of the trainer. The information provided can only be considered as a method, theory, principle, or type of Forex Trading. Actual online or offline Forex trading may differ from the explained method, theory, principle, or type. Traderess will not be held responsible for any financial loss or damage incurred during Forex trading.

Traderess's educational videos, articles, website, and video course should not be interpreted as a recommendation or offer to buy or sell any security or as an indication of the suitability of any investment strategy for students. The purchase, sale, or advice regarding any security, financial instrument, or system should be conducted by a licensed industry representative, such as a Broker/Dealer, Introducing Broker, or Registered Investment Advisor. Traderess and its representatives are not licensed to provide such advice. It is strongly recommended that all purchasers of the Traderess Foundation Programme or the Four Stage Course consult with a licensed representative of their choice to assess the appropriateness of any investment or trading strategy.

High risk warning 

Trading carries substantial potential rewards, but also significant risks. The high leverage and market volatility can work both in your favor and against you. You must be aware of the risks associated with investing and be willing to accept them in order to trade in these markets. Forex trading involves a substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Please avoid trading with borrowed money or funds you cannot afford to lose. This website does not offer buy/sell signals or other financial products. Traderess makes no guarantees regarding the profitability or similarity of profits or losses to those discussed in any materials on our community server. Any opinions, news, analysis, prices, or other information provided on our community server are for general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice. We will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profit, resulting directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information.

The guidance or information provided on this website is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. You should not trade or invest based solely on this information.

By accessing any material or using the information within our community server, you agree that it is for general educational purposes and that no individual or entity shall be held responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the content or general guidance provided by Traderess.

Demo Trading Only

Students are prohibited from trading on a real account on the duration of the Foundation Programme or the 4 Stage Course. Failure to follow this rule will result in being withdrawn from the course.


Traderess provides no guarantees of profit nor of avoiding losses when trading. Customer has received no such guarantees from Traderess or from any of its representatives. Customer is aware of the risks inherent in trading and is financially able to bear such risks and withstand any losses incurred. Traderess or any of its representatives will not be held accountable for the students individual trades before, during or after the course. Students should enter the course understanding there are no guarantees of profit.

The information of the course is in general nature only. This does not take in to consideration the objectives, financial situation, risk or needs of the individual. Accordingly, before acting on any of the contents of the course, you should consider the appropriateness in regard to your objectives, financial situation, risks involved and needs. 

Risks Associated with Trading Foreign Exchange

The risk disclaimer is intended to inform users of the potential financial risks associated with engaging in foreign exchange trading. Trading forex or other financial instruments, such as spot, forward, day trading, or options, involves a substantial degree of risk. Before deciding to engage in such transactions with any Forex-related company, users should carefully evaluate whether their financial situation is suitable for such transactions. Trading foreign exchange may result in a substantial or complete loss of funds and should only be undertaken with risk capital. Risk capital refers to funds that are not essential for the user's survival or well-being. It is strongly recommended that users considering trading foreign exchange products thoroughly read and understand all the main topics contained on the website to gain a clear and accurate understanding of the risks inherent in forex trading. Trading online, regardless of convenience or efficiency, does not necessarily reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and Traderess accepts no responsibility for any customer, member, or third party acting on such information contained on the website or within the course contents regarding the accuracy or timeliness of information such as quotations, news, informational advice, and charts derived from quotations.


Testimonials provided on this site represent the outcomes reported by individual clients and may not be typical of what every individual will achieve. All testimonials are voluntary, without payment, inducement, or other benefits, and are from genuine clients of Traderess.

a) The student agrees that they cannot change, defer, or withdraw from the programme without prior consent from Traderess. Failure to start the course as scheduled, without prior notification to the Traderess team, will result in expulsion from the course with no refunds given.

b) In cases where a student has withdrawn from the programme without prior consent, Traderess reserves the right to pursue the student for outstanding fees.

  1. The Foundation Programme and the Four Stage Programme must be completed within 12 months (1 year) from the time of enrollment. Failure to complete the course within this time frame may require an additional payment of £100/$138 per month for access to aftercare support to complete the remaining stages. We reserve the right to revoke access to the course content portal if the student does not attend live webinars at least once every month to provide progress updates. Lifetime access to course videos and mentorship is provided as long as the student regularly attends live webinars (minimum of once per month). Failure to do so may result in access being revoked.

    Refund Policy

  2. You acknowledge that Traderess has the right to reject refund requests. Traderess has a no refund policy due to the online nature of the content. The Traderess Foundation Programme and the Four Stage Online Programme provide highly valuable information that is delivered after payment. Therefore, refunds are not offered once this sensitive information has been accessed.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy for the Four Stage Programme or Foundation Programme

  3. We do not offer cancellation or refunds for any part of the Four Stage Programme or the Foundation Programme. Through live teaching sessions and individual support, we invest a significant amount of time in good faith, and our time holds value. We cannot risk dedicating substantial time to students who are not fully committed to the program. Additionally, the course content represents over 7 years of experience and significant financial investment in personal mentoring and trading. To provide this life-changing information, we need to ensure that you are genuinely committed to becoming a successful trader.

  4. Given the proven effectiveness of the information provided, there is no valid reason for a refund. If you have doubts about entering the program even after reading our reviews, we kindly request that you refrain from signing up. We must limit spaces to offer the level of service required for student success, and dropping out would mean someone else could have missed out on the opportunity.

  5. Cancellation of the monthly subscription will immediately freeze access to live webinars and course content.

Monthly Subscription:

1. By subscribing to the monthly subscription for the Four Stage Programme, you acknowledge and agree to an initial and recurring monthly subscription fee at the current rate. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time, subject to our cancellation policy

2. Automatic Monthly Renewal Terms: Once you subscribe and are off the waitlist, Traderess will automatically process your monthly subscription fee in the next billing cycle. Your monthly subscription fee will be processed each month at the current rate until you cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription, please email [email protected] with a request for cancellation.

3. In the event that you decide to freeze your access or if we freeze your access due to lack of progress in the Four Stage Course, a fee of $99 per month will be charged to maintain your account during the freezing period(s).

Disqualification from the Programme:

Traderess reserves the right to disqualify any participant from the Foundation Programme or the Four Stage Programme under the following circumstances:

Misconduct: If a participant engages in any form of misconduct, including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized sharing of course materials, or disruptive behavior that hampers the learning environment for other participants, Traderess may disqualify the participant from the programme without notice.

You agree not to utilize AI or any automated methods to complete coursework in relation to psychological assessments or course work.

Non-compliance: If a participant fails to comply with the terms and conditions, rules, or guidelines set forth by Traderess, including failure to complete required assignments, attend mandatory sessions, or meet program milestones, Traderess may disqualify the participant from the programme. 

If it is determined that you have shared your account with others, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently terminate your access to the program.

Commercial Teaching: If it is identified that a participant, while enrolled in the Foundation Programme or the Four Stage Programme, creates, starts, or teaches other members of the public commercially or non-commercially in the field of forex trading, Traderess reserves the right to disqualify the participant from the programme without notice, and legal action may be taken.

Disqualification from the programme will result in the immediate termination of access to course materials, mentorship, and other program benefits. No refunds or compensation will be provided in such cases.

Traderess's decision to disqualify a participant from the programme shall be final and binding.

Privacy Policy

    1. Traderess will use customer contact information to send newsletters, company information, and promotional material for our products. This information may also be used for necessary communication with visitors. Demographic and profile data collected on our site is used to customize information and content based on user preferences. Traderess will not license, sell, exchange, or distribute any specific participant information to third parties.

      Proprietary Rights
    2. You acknowledge and agree that Traderess may contain proprietary and confidential information, including trademarks, service marks, and patents protected by intellectual property laws and international treaties. You are authorized to view and make a single copy of portions of the content for offline, personal, non-commercial use. Our content may not be sold, reproduced, or distributed without our written permission. During enrollment in the Foundation Programme or the Four Stage Programme, you are prohibited from creating, starting, or teaching other members of the public, whether commercially or non-commercially, in the field of forex trading. Any violation of this rule may result in termination from the programme without notice, and legal action may be taken. Any third-party trademarks, service marks, and logos are the property of their respective owners. All rights not specifically granted herein are reserved.


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    4. This site may contain links to other websites. Traderess is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.

      Governing Jurisdiction and Law  
    5. Our Legal Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates applicable in Dubai. You irrevocably agree that the courts of Dubai have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute between us.

      Legal Entity
    6. Traderess FZCO, with the website address www.traderess.com, is a legal entity established in the Emirate of Dubai. References to "you," "User," "your," and "yours" refer to the individuals accessing the website.

      Termination of Membership/Use of Services:

    7. Traderess reserves the right, particularly in cases of misuse of services, to terminate membership and site access without notice. During enrollment in the Foundation Programme or the Four Stage Programme, you are prohibited from creating, starting, or teaching other members of the public, whether commercially or non-commercially, in the field of forex trading. Violation of this rule may result in termination from the programme without notice, and legal action may be taken.


    8. Copyright Notice: © Copyright www.Traderess.com. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or reselling of this material is unlawful. No portion of this eBook may be copied or resold without written permission. www.Traderess.com reserves the right to protect its intellectual property, including the contents, ideas, and expressions contained herein, using the full force of the law.

      Ownership of copyright
    9. The copyright in this website and the material on this website is owned by us and our licensors.

      Copyright license
    10. We grant you a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable license to view and make a single copy of the material on this website for offline, personal, non-commercial use. You are not granted any other rights in relation to this website or the material on this website. All other rights are reserved.

      You must not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast, show, or play this website or the material on this website (in any form or media) without our prior written permission. 

      Failure to comply with these rules may result in permanent banning and legal action.