How does our mentorship work?

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Mentorship vs. Secret Ingredient?

As a first step, identify what you’re looking for. Are you looking for mentorship where your trading results and technique are critiqued on a weekly basis? Or are you after a ‘secret ingredient’ that will bring you immediate trading success?

If you answered ‘secret ingredient,’ unfortunately, there isn’t one. All traders must abide by the three fundamentals of trading. If they do not, their consistency—and profits—suffer. 

We offer a unique experience to help you become successful in the trading world. We provide constant mentorship and feedback to help you achieve your goals.

What brings you to trading and what is your goal?

Is it the money and lavish lifestyle, is it the ability to free up time to spend with your family or is it just the ability to add another source of income to your existing portfolio? Identify your end goal so you can work with smaller milestones leading up to it.

The Fundamentals

DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY, and PSYCHOLOGY are the three pillars of trading that are required before profitability comes into play. These three fundamentals create the foundation on which our programme is built.

This course is designed for beginners or those without consistent trading results. We offer the same course structure whether you have traded in the past or not. Our goal is to wipe the slate clean and create new habits and techniques.

For beginners, bring your readiness to learn! For those who have already participated in trading, we ask you to forget what you know and think back to when you first came across trading.

You may be asking, “Why?” which is a fair question. It is because in order to succeed in our programme, consistency is crucial. And consistency can only be achieved by forgetting your past ways and following our methodology.

For example, do you log every single trade that you make? Do you track to the minute how much time you spend each week on charts? Do you carefully plan out your week once you have evaluated your week’s results? If you answered “No,” to any of these questions, these are habits we will be instilling in you, along with a myriad of others.

Some questions to ask yourself...


With a normal day job, discipline is instilled through your line manager. With trading you are in control of your own actions and money.

Who will keep you disciplined?


Is a fit body achieved by spending 1 hour a day in the gym over the course of a year, or 5 hours a day over 2 months?

Which one of these options is achievable and realistic?


Are you someone who constantly looks for areas of improvement within yourself or do you expect someone to do that for you?

How Does Our Mentorship Work?

Our mentorship begins with the Foundation Programme, followed by five assessments. Once you’ve passed the first five assessments, you’ll move on to our four-stage mentorship programme.

You will be allocated a mentor via Whatsapp as well as given access to a group chat with other students taking the mentorship programme. In addition, we hold live Q&A sessions for Foundation Programme students on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12pm and 1pm GMT.

Foundation Programme 

Our Foundation Programme is designed to ensure the success of every student. This initial programme will walk you through a series of 15+ videos on how to use the trading platform, how to execute demo trades, jargon and terminology, and creating good habits. After each session you will be tested on discipline and consistency. Each evaluation can help you decide if trading is for you.

What are the topics covered in the Foundation Programme?

- What is forex and how can money be made?

- Currency pairs and what is a pip?

- What times do I have to trade?

- Forex trading sessions

- Why trade Forex rather than other forms of trading?

- Specific trader types, which one is you?

- Introduction to DXY

- Introduction support & resistance

- Introduction to cross pairs

- Introduction to candle sticks

- Money risk management introduction

- Trading journal introduction

- How to use MetaTrader4

- How to use TradingView

- Assessments and tasks

How will I be tested during the Foundation Programme?

You will be required to do the following tasks as part of the foundation programme.



1. Complete a Trader’s Profile

You will complete an assessment highlighting your greatest strengths and weaknesses. We call this the “Trader’s Profile.” Self-evaluation and personal refinement are two of the most important tasks in becoming a consistently profitable trader. The foundations of your trading plan will be built using this profile for all future stages. 


2. Execute Demo Trades

In this step, we’ll focus on logging and journaling, creating an efficient and consistent system that will continue to help you in stages three and four. The most profitable traders use a manual tracking system. We’ll create this habit and provide feedback on your logs.



3. Tracking Time Spent on Trading

Whether you’re watching tutorial videos, executing demo trades, or completing your trader’s profile, you’ll be tracking every minute spent going through the programme. Time is the most valued commodity in the world and if not accurately tracked, can destroy results. We’ll help create a balance between life and trading.


4. Submit Daily Reports

At the close of each day you are required to send in a brief end of day report which will include your overall invested time, how many demo trades you've taken, their results and anything you are struggling with. 

5. Questions on the Fundamentals

Last, but not least, your understanding of the fundamentals will be tested through a series of questions. It ensures that you not only watched the content but have a strong understanding of it.

So how does the 4 stage programme work after the foundation programme?

Click the link below to check out how the 4 stage programme works.

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Common Questions about the Foundation Programme

If you have any further questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to email them to [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you and provide the information you need.

What some of our Students had to say about the Foundation Programme

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