Weekly Forex Trades Recap:

Best Trades of 26th - 30th June 2023

Welcome to this week's blog post, where we toast to the most outstanding forex trades from the past week and shine a spotlight on our star performers from the academy. In this installment, we'll be dissecting five top-tier trades of the week and giving a well-deserved shout-out to our traders who have led the pack. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

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Published: 02

GBPUSD (26/06/2023)

We started off our week on a high note with the GBPUSD pair. The formidable risk-to-reward ratio of this trade at the New York opening made it a noteworthy opportunity for traders to capitalize on.

Entry: New York open
Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:5

AUDUSD (27/06/2023)

Our second-day highlight was the AUDUSD pair. With a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:5 at London's opening bell, this trade offered an enticing prospect for those early to the market.

Entry: London open
Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:5

AUDUSD (29/06/2023)

The middle of the week brought another opportunity with the AUDUSD pair during Asia trading hours. Sporting a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3, this was indeed a trade to watch.

Entry: Asia
Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:3

USDCAD (29/06/2023)

On the same day, the USDCAD pair presented yet another captivating opportunity. A lucrative risk-to-reward ratio of 1:5 at the New York opening bell beckoned our traders.

Entry: New York open
Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:5

USDCHF (30/06/2023)

To conclude the week, we circled back to the USDCHF pair. At the London opening, this trade, with a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:5, rounded off a week replete with remarkable opportunities.

Entry: London open
Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:5

The above trades epitomize the stellar opportunities that unfolded during the week of June 26th to June 30th. Breaking down these trades can bestow valuable insights into strategic forex trading and sound risk management tactics. However, it's always crucial to remember that trading comes with inherent risks. Conducting in-depth analysis and performing due diligence are paramount before making any investment moves. The trades we discuss in this blog are intended to serve as illustrative examples, not investment advice.

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Khadija A

Overall Pips: 165.7 

Trades: 27 

Overall Rs: 20.01

Naelah S

Overall Pips: 258.9

Trades: 22 

Overall Rs: 22.83

M Irshad

Overall Pips: 292 

Trades: 18 

Overall Rs: 23.46

AbdulQadir M

Overall Pips: 199.4 

Trades: 27 

Overall Rs: 18.56

Raja B

Overall Pips: 165.7 

Trades: 25 

Overall Rs: 24.9

We extend our hearty congratulations to Khadija, Naelah, Raja, Irshad, and Abdulqadir for their excellent performance. Their steadfast commitment and insightful acumen have led to significant profits, as demonstrated by their overall Rs. Remember, an 'R' denotes a profitable outcome, equating to a 0.25% profit per trade, assuming the risk is also 0.25%. Hence, a trader earning 10 Rs has effectively made a 2.5% profit on their account.

Please remember, trading comes with risks, and thorough analysis and prudent decision-making are crucial before any investment moves. The remarkable accomplishments of our top traders should serve as an inspiration rather than financial advice.

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